American colleges: A money machine disguised as an education system. Part 3

This total only includes 650 new full time students, not the extra part time students, not the extra parking tag revenue,  or even extra bookstore  revenue. It also doesn’t account for the new teachers they hire, or the new computers and equipment they need to accommodate these extra students. The bottom line is that this school, like so many around the country, charge the student double what the state takes away and results in a endless vicious cycle of higher tuition costs nationwide. But there’s more…

One bit of good news for the school is that no layoffs are planned next year, Elliott said. Full-time positions remain frozen. It’s still unclear if raises will be given, but a $1,000 bonus given in December seems more likely, Elliott said.

So if 100 full-time employees each get $1,000, that’s $100,000 spent. Now let’s say that the other 90% of non full-time employees also get the that same bonus, or a prorated version of it. Lets just say, it appears that’s where the missing $300,000 or so ends up going. State cuts a million, government gives 2 million. We have an extra million left this year than last, so they up the budget 1.3 million…and amazingly the extra $300,000 goes mostly to bonuses. I am in no place to say whether any or all of these people deserve a bonus. Teachers are typically underpaid and most deserve more than they make. To increase tuition to every student a year earlier than needed to ensure a bonus isn’t right. Sounds a lot like AIG and Bank of America doesn’t it?

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