First Topic Sentence

The one thing about writing you can always change it to the food so my proof is going to be Fuji americanized because it creates new traditions introduces us to me cultures and it improves the taste now that I have my preview written I’m ready for my first body pairs my first body paragraph the topic sentence from our first body program comes right from the first part of our premium so my first topic sentence is going to be food should be Americanized because it creates new traditions now I’m ready to find a piece of textiles what I mean by evidence is I need to go back and what am I to articles either one is fair game and I need to find a piece of evidence that proves that food bean Americanize creates new traditions so I’m going to pull my articles up and i’m looking for something that proves of food crates of traditions. Find out how to do topic sentences at Edusson.

After skipping through the articles i see right down here where it says Diane’s brought pizza to the u.s. in the late eighteen hundreds so at this point I have two options I can either quote this which means i can use exact words and put quotations marks around it or i can paraphrase it most of our paper should be paraphrased because paraphrasing shows a higher level thinking because we have to know what the author is saying in order to put it in our own words so of course i’m going to paraphrase this before i do anything i need to figure out who wrote this articles as i can decide it which means give our author credit so i see on the first page here that Lauren Tarsus wrote this article some that will go back to my outline they’re going to start out by just putting Tasha’s of course when we write this into the paper I need to alert a little differently but I’m just going to put it there like that.

So I know that this came from tosha’s and I’m going to put pizza came from it my next job is I need to explain you to explain how does this evidence right here prove this reason so try to explain how does this pizza coming from Italy prove that it creates new tradition now for exclamations one way I can do it is to have my own experience to use my own experience or I can just kind of explain it it’s like it says so for this one I’m going to say most people this is kind of providing experience most people have a tradition of eating pizza at least once nom ready for my second evidence my second evidence does the same job as my first evidence so if I need to find another example so I’m going to go back to my tax tier IV to see if I can find another example of how Americanizing food creates new traditions.