How to Write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay requires you to investigate topic collect evidence and take a position.

An argumentative essay has five basic components. First is the introduction in your introductory paragraph you will give some background on the topic tell the reader why this is important or relevant and present your position in the form of your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement should be specific and cover what you will discuss in your essay the body is where you will give evidence and support for your thesis. You may do this by citing a source that has Authority of credibility you may also appeal to your readers emotions and you will provide logic and reason in the form of facts data and statistics transitions are also an important element of effective writing because they guide the reader throughout the essay and provide a logical flow without transitions your essay structure will collapse in the body of your essay.

You must also address opposing views positions and claims by refuting these arguments your position only becomes stronger and finally you reach the conclusion in the conclusion you will restate your thesis and address it based on the evidence and support you’ve presented and one last point make sure you follow your teachers guidelines since he or she may have a specific structure you have to follow good luck on your essay.